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I have seriously been neglecting my Tumblr page. Why? Who knows. Perhaps it’s social media overload. Perhaps I’ve just been lazy. However, I do plan on updating this at LEAST once a month from now on. 

On another note, 19 DAYS TIL PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT!!! Ah baseball season is just around the corner. Sadly, this will be the first year in the past three years I will not be at Yankees spring training. This year I’ll be in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day…wearing my Kiss Me I’m a Yankees fan shirt, so suck on that Boston fans! But seriously, I cannot wait for baseball season to start.


Football just doesn’t do it for me. Once again I have no clue why. I just don’t find myself spending my Sunday and Monday nights watching it. I’ll pay attention to a game if it’s on or if I’m invited to one (by default I’m a Jets fan since my stepdad is one and I’m a NYer), but even then I’m like meh whatever. I’m all about going out to “watch” games at bars though. 


Major League Soccer, however, has grown to be a new love of mine. A big thank you to my friend Tonka for taking me to a Red Bulls playoff game last season. Those games are insane! Sitting in the Supporter’s Club area has got to be the most fun a person can have at a sporting event. Singing chants and dancing around in support of your team is SO MUCH FUN. Looking forward to more Red Bulls games this season. =)


No need to discuss basketball because I have absolutely no interest in it. I use to LOVE the Lakers back in the day when Shaq and Kobe were kicking ass together. That basketball loving phase lasted about a season then I gave up on it. Oh well. 

And that is my sports discussion/post for the day…

Omg this video is amazing. I wonder where my Ron is hiding…

Ron&Hermione | Fix You (by dazzleme7)

Rupert Grint…swoon

★ discovered on (social image bookmarking)

Rupert Grint…swoon


discovered on (social image bookmarking)

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Oh hell yes

Oh hell yes

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Ryan, you might be the most beautiful man on the planet. Please marry me. 

Ryan, you might be the most beautiful man on the planet. Please marry me. 

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Pennhurst Asylum…Not for the faint of heart

Pennhurst Asylum…Not for the faint of heart

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I just randomly clicked on the link to see what was being removed from JFK and then I see I.M. Pei’s name, a man I have met several times and who’s sons I work for. This man is legendary…

I. M. Pei’s serene Terminal 6 has been empty for three years. By the end of October, it will be gone entirely — arguably the most significant loss of a transportation building in New York since Pennsylvania Station was razed.

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So true. And the Sox eventually choked…AGAIN. Go Yank!


Us, choking? You guys blew a NINE GAME LEAD. You guys want the Yankees to win so you can get in the playoffs. Next time, step up. You’ll have your chance to get in tomorrow, if the Sox win tonight.

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